Monday, February 13, 2017

True Story

I survived the first day of lessons at my new job.
I feel like getting an 'I-made-it!!' tattoo on my forehead.
8 hours of solid teaching, and I came home and sat on the stairs until the husband fetched my slippers.
This is self-flaggelation but I need to know (after nearly 4 years of uselessness) what I am capable of.

What was that?
Curiosity killed the cat?


Sunday, February 12, 2017

Like a Rhinestone Cowboy

I woke up with terrible pain in my left foot (utterly Daniel Day-Lewis, don't you think?) and left leg.

Eventually Son#3 and I hobbled to the hospital, thinking it must be a lung embolism waiting to happen.
Life isn't that exciting (thank goodness), and it turned out to be a boring-but-painful heel spur.
Yes, compadres.
I have a spur.
How much more Cowboy can one get?

The weekend was fine-ish.
Son#2 got a toolbox with tools that now sleeps next to his bed plus a metal detector for his birthday.

Happy birthday Bucky!
What a long time 9 years is (and what a different person I am now).

We are looking for a house exchange in Canada for the summer, if ticket prices can stay on the low side.

The husband was in a funk for most of the day and so was Son#1.
I applied for jobs closer to home, cleaned the house and cooked my lunches for the coming week, all on one foot. 

It will be a busy week.


Thursday, February 9, 2017

Our Week So Far

Son#2 will be 9 on Saturday!
It's been a rough and tumble week with work, tummy bugs, the flu and a birthday party in the mix.

Come on, Weekend.
We need you.


Saturday, February 4, 2017


I have a new (temporary) job.
40 km from home, through inevitable traffic.
It is temporary, and at a vocational college where 98% of the largely adolescent student population are either on file at child welfare or have some serious learning disability.
There are security guards and safety procedures.
Students dealing in drugs and getting arrested for house robberies.
I had no idea that this world existed.
Not really...

I will have to see how my weary body will handle this.
I got through my shell-shocked first week.
At night I am so tired that I sway like a drunkard and the husband sends me to bed.
It is not the intellectual world of the university, but I knew this when I quit.

At home, Son#2 is kicking and screaming.
Everything is NO.
I feel very sad about it.

We all have colds and feel pants, and my fever is climbing again.
But hallelujah, Monday is a day off next week. 


Monday, January 23, 2017


Son#1 and I skipped his school this morning for a quiet and companionable breakfast in Breda.

Then we were off to hospital.
Son#1's hypermobility syndrome could cause heart problems.

Luckily all was well.
The boy has a heart after all, haha.

Meanwhile in my mind, I feel quite lost and lonesome, and completely devoid of any direction in life.
A decade at the university gave me purpose.
All of a sudden, with no work, I am adrift with no clear destination.
I am overqualified to teach at high schools, and too inexperienced.
I alternate between joy and despair.
Who would have thought.


Thursday, January 19, 2017

Some people

What a beautiful day it was, crisp and clear blue skies despite the bitter frost.
I did the groceries then stopped by the Amer river for an impromptu short walk. 
It was simple, lovely.
So quiet that you can hear birds, listen to the water lapping the rocks.

The boys plus friend came home for lunch.
I made a cheesecake and watched a movie, then Son#3 and I built a Moon Oscillator with Lego.
God only knows what that might be.
(And by Jove! Astronauts need a coffee percolator!!)

Tomorrow Donald Trump will be the 45th president and the thinking world will despair.
The devolution of mankind continues its stiff pace.


Tuesday, January 17, 2017


I watch movies and read all day.
I love it.
Love my freedom, as long as it may last.

I had a job interview at a very nice school last week, but the hours are long and whether I'll be able to work that much, I just don't know.
Whatever happens will be fine.

Meanwhile the temperature hovers around minus 3 today.
The cat and I are tucked in under a blanket.


Friday, January 6, 2017

Frozen, the reality show

Our last day in the Ardennes.
We'll leave tomorrow around noon.

We drove to Bastogne to a military museum where the boys had enormous fun.

Now we're home again, and the temperature hasn't risen above minus 5 all day.
We saw 7 deer running in a line across a field into the woods.

The woods are frozen and white, magically pure.

We want to go home, but we don't want to go home to our lives.
Tomorrow we'll see Louise The Cat again, and that's just dandy.


Thursday, January 5, 2017


A lovely drive to Bouillon.

We went to the castle (nobody around!).
The husband scared the bejesus out of Son#1 and #3, hiding in dark corners.
It ended  in tears but the husband, Son#2 and I laughed our socks off.

Beautiful views.

We went looking for a pizza restaurant but they were all closed and the natives were getting restless.

We stopped at a viewpoint high above the Semois, not a soul in sight.

Home again, with Son-of-Satan Son#3, and petty fights, missing gloves & near frostbite.

Early to bed, I beg you.
Tomorrow is our last full day.
We might go to Bastogne (there is a war museum), or to Luxembourg again to go ice skating.


Oompa Loompas in the snow

It snowed during the night.
The boys (self) managed to separate themselves from technological gadgets and hit the snow.
They rolled downhill, made snow angels, cried because of the cold, spat snow at each other and had snowball fights with the husband.

We're driving to Bouillon in a little while.
My dad loved Bouillon.
It is beautiful here, and quiet enough so one gets the opportunity to think again.
And daydream.